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Dear Bridget,

When we purchased our home in 2006, we hired the same landscaping company that we used for similar projects and were very confident that he would deliver the result we desired.
Once the job was completed we thought we were satisfied, as you know. Our neighbors complimented the work we had done. The thing that was disappointing to us was as the neighborhood developed, we witnessed jobs very comparable in size and complexity with more bang.
It was through the referral that we contacted you. Convincing us you would modify and redesign our yard, giving us the satisfaction we were looking for and at the same time keeping the cost within our budget. I can’ tell how happy we are with both the design and the cost of the project.
You advised us of how the landscaping would mature and improve over the next couple of years. In May of this year we took time to go on vacation, we were gone for 10 days. In the ten days we were gone the yard exploded with color. It was incredible! We are the talk of the neighborhood.
The difference is that you will not take short cuts many other companies’ risk. It must be perfect or Bella Giardino will not stop until it is. I would recommend you to anyone who takes pride, and cares for the ascetics and practicality of their landscaping. I would encourage others to use you because of the professionalism of Bella Giardino.
We are grateful, and thank you Bridget.
Take Care,
Nick and Rhonda

I was missing the artistic aspect of my landscape. I needed more then just color but I needed to right balance of plants with the right balance of blooms throughout the season.
I contracted with Bridget Como of Bella Giardino. Bridget came over and met with my wife and I to discuss what colors we were looking for, what types of plants we had in mind, and then took detailed measurements of the area to be planted.
Our next visit with Bridget was to review the sketches she had prepared and she presented us with the different types of plants she had in mind. Both my wife and I were immediately satisfied with her recommendations and excited to see it completed.
Bridget managed transformation process and with her artistic abilities and left us with a truly beautiful landscaped yard. She walked us through how to take care of our new plants as well as how to get them ready for the winter.
The true test was the second growing season. We left for a week long vacation the end of May and by then we already had excellent growth. But when we returned “WOW “he only expression that could come to mind. The flowers had started blooming and our yard was gorgeous.

We hired Bridget and her crew to design and deliver a completely refurbished back yard. We went from rotting deck to gorgeous flagstone, from dirt to pergola, from “meh” to “HOLY WOW!”. The design and the work were exceptional. But the best part was working with Bridget and her entire crew. They partnered with our ideas and brought their expertise. They were polite and respectful. They were meticulous and tidy. They started and finished in a short time frame and dealt with weather issues outside their control. They communicated clearly and consistently. Bridget is an absolute delight and she LOVES what she does. Her partner and crew are dedicated and work as a true team. I can’t say enough about how much I love Bella Giardio Landscape and Garden Design.
Thank you Bridget!!