This is a basic landscape in Flying Horse off Hwy 83 and North Gate in Colorado Springs. We are adding a few walls to level some of the sloped area to plant and make the side yard more attractive for the trip to the back yard. On the other side of the home has a slope too but just not a lot of space to spice up. This is a large lot and we are trying to use the home owners money wisely. We will add a river bed to that side so we have some dimension. We added concrete walk ways so he could use his riding lawn mower to the back with ease. A concrete pad has been poured for the entertaining area. We are not adding any plants at this time because it is November and the irrigation system will be turned off and the home owner will have to winter water which isn’t a lot of fun. We will come back in the spring and soften our landscape.

We do not do the concrete. We sub contract it to whom we trust. new concrete patio for entertaining

We are making process. A lot of rock has been put in. The  siloam stone walls are finished. We so have some finishing touches by finishing the irrigation, the installation of the mulch and of course the plantings which will not happen until spring.





This is our newest member. He loves to go to the job sites and play. He is resting after running all over the place. I bring him to jobsites that clients have had a doberman, otherwise he stays in the office. He is a good boy and very loveable, not a mean bone in his body.







Here is a small shot of the front yard. The client wanted some plantings for color through the winter. In the back you see a little spruce tree. This is a wonderful tree because it is a columnar tree. It get no more than 4 feet wide. Great for small spaces. You can see too we added a water feature for guest to walk by. When we plant next summer it will be gorgeous.


Just a close up. The picture does not do it justice.